We at Chef point are determined on providing our fellow Australian Chef’s with the best deals possible. Our company is run by chef’s, for chef’s, and as we think like chef’s, we have a better understanding of what a chef needs.

We understand most chef’s work too hard and get paid too little, this drive’s us to bring better deals on all chef jackets, chef’s pant’s, aprons, chef’ knives and other chef related items.

As our company is built by chef’s, we know the chef’s world and what most chef’s need day to day, unlike other chef websites, who’s experience is limited to the retail trade and have little to no understanding of a chef’s environment.

We select our products carefully and only use suppliers who have a proven track record.

Our chef clothing supplier is ‘Chef armour’, who although is a young company, is building steam rapidly and is a great chef wear supplier as you will see on receiving their items. We believe their chef jackets are second to none and the price is extremely affordable for such a high quality chef coat.

The main chef knife brand we supply is ‘Giesser Messer’ from Germany. We chose ‘Giesser’ for the high grade quality chef knives and accessories and low prices. They have been producing chef knives commercially since 1865 and have approximately 2500 different chef’s knives and chef’s accessories in production.

In today’s market chef’s are looking for the best deals possible and we are further searching for better deals where we can source them.

The way we see it, Chef’s are very hardworking and deserve a deal. This is why we try to do the best we can to be number one at providing the best deals. If you find a better deal that you think we should match, please let us know and we will beat it!!

Our dispatch operates at a fast pace and we are capable of sending goods on the same day if the order comes in early enough, or latest it is sent is next day so you will get your gear fast!!.

Well, Happy shopping!! and thank you for choosing Chef point.